Candy Ass

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Candy Ass
Studio album by Mark Eitzel
Released 2005
Label Cooking Vinyl
Producer Mark Eitzel
Mark Eitzel chronology

Demos Before Love Songs
Candy Ass
Ten Years Of Tears

Candy Ass is the 8th solo studio album from Mark Eitzel.

Eitzel told Magnet Magazine, "I didn't intend to make Candy management kind of forced me to release it. I was going to release it only on the web. So I'm a candy ass for releasing the damn thing."[citation needed]

Track listing

  1. "My Pet Rat St. Michael"
  2. "Cotton Candy Tenth Power"
  3. "Make Sure They Hear"
  4. "Sleeping Beauty"
  5. "A Loving Tribute To My City"
  6. "Homeland Pastoral"
  7. "Roll Away My Stone"
  8. "Green Eyes"
  9. "Cobh"
  10. "I Am Fassbinder"
  11. "Song Of The Mole"
  12. "Guitar Lover"