Can You Help Me

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"Can You Help Me"
Single by American Music Club
from the album San Francisco
Released 1994
Format CD / 7" / CS
Length 3:12
Label Virgin Records
Writer(s) Mark Eitzel
Producer(s) Joe Chicarelli / American Music Club
American Music Club singles chronology

"Wish The World Away"
"Can You Help Me"
"Hello Amsterdam"

"Can You Help Me" is the 3rd song on American Music Club's 1994 album, San Francisco, and the second single released from the album. The single was released on Virgin Records in the UK on 7", CD and cassingle.


I tried to run away but I was frozen in place
My body was made of sawdust and my heart just split
My old friend rigor mortis started to breathe in my face
The air started to drain out of my spirit

Help me, can you help me?

A century of my tears wouldn't even fill a thimble
The war of the class clown is never won
But nothing makes me laugh anymore
And nothing makes me cry
And nothing makes me feel like I belong

Help me, can you help me?

I can't believe all the stupid things I'm saying now
Either I've shaken the world off my back
or I've gone senile
I thought your love was just a great big lie
Now loving you is the only thing that's gonna get me by

Help me, can you help me?

All I have to offer you is archeology and Christmas
And we'll turn our backs on what the world has in store
And twist the light so that it shines down on us
And wait together for the touch of something more

Help me, can you help me?


Official music video for "Can You Help Me", which stars Sheryl Lee.


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Track listing

  1. "Can You Help Me"
  2. "The Thorn In My Side Is Gone" (Alternate Version)
  3. "California Dreamin'" (unavailable on 7" or CS)

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