Brothers In Arms

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"Brothers In Arms"
Song by American Music Club
Writer(s) Danny Pearson

"Brothers In Arms" is an American Music Club song written by Danny Pearson and demoed during the Love Songs For Patriots recording sessions. The song did not make the album and remains unreleased. The lyrics below need a lot of help.


Brothers in arms in each others' arms
Stumbling home down ____ road
Where you fall is where I will fall, too
Fuck the stars that claim our wishes and all we do
And may it wash all over us
And we'll watch the past rise over our hearts
Free and drinking, lost by the silence
____ by the closing of the bar

? Beauty
What remains only laughs and spits on us
We sleep hungry but we want much more than bread
And we dream the dreams that children see in the same bed
And the sea only christens us
And it calls out our joys cowardice
? And with curses we will cry the imperial sea (?)

Good riddance and goodbye