A Toast To You

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A Toast To You
Live album by American Music Club
Released 2005
Recorded November 10, 2004
Label Undertow Music
American Music Club chronology

A Toast To You
The Golden Age

A Toast To You is a limited edition live CD released by American Music Club and sold on tour, via their management website and via americanmusicclub.com. The album was recorded on November 11, 2004 in Pittsburgh, PA, USA and limited to 1,000 copies.

Track listing

  1. "Why Won't You Stay"
  2. "Gratitude Walks"
  3. "Only Love Can Set You Free"
  4. "Another Morning"
  5. "Johnny Mathis' Feet"
  6. "Patriot's Heart"
  7. "Job To Do"
  8. "Home"
  9. "Myopic Books"
  10. [amusing interlude #1]
  11. "Blue And Grey Shirt"
  12. "Outside This Bar"
  13. "Western Sky"
  14. [amusing interlude #2]