$1,000,000 Song

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"$1,000,000 Song"
The Restless Stranger cover
Song by American Music Club from the album The Restless Stranger
Released 1985
Format LP
CD (1998 reissue)
Length 3:56
Label Grifter Records
Writer(s) Mark Eitzel
Producer(s) Tom Mallon
The Restless Stranger track listing
  1. "Room Above The Club"
  2. "$1,000,000 Song"
  3. "Away Down My Street"
  4. "Yvonne Gets Dumped"
  5. "Mr. Lucky"
  6. "Point Of Desire"
  7. "Goodbye Reprise #54"
  8. Tell Yourself
  9. "When Your Love Is Gone"
  10. "Heavenly Smile"
  11. "Broken Glass"
  12. Hold On To Your Love

"$1,000,000 Song" is the 2nd song on American Music Club's debut album, 1985's The Restless Stranger.


Try to remember the sights and sounds of a forgotten land
Like a tourist in the burial ground goes digging in the sand
Until some spark makes the forest burn
Some sacred heart makes the chaos turn
Reflected with your name in lights
When you’re dead you’ll glow at night

I’m the announcer on your favorite show
Why do you try to catch my eye
‘Cause I’ll just give you a real rich reward
I’ll say good, goodbye
Every summer we fall in love
Lay on the grass and watch the stars fall
Every summer we fall in love
We get kinda warm and that’s just about all

(this instrumental break sucks. Sucks!)

Your dad pushed you on a silver swing
With Judy Garland and her crew
Upstairs where there’s no air to breathe
See how much damage I can do
You make your puppet speak and move
You make it dance and make it groove
And make it sing those sweet songs for me
Make it have some sympathy

I’m a good man
I’m a bad man
I’m a good man
I’m a bad man



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