Walking Tune

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"Walking Tune"
Cover for Keep Me Around single
Song by American Music Club
Released 1993
Format CD
Length 1:57
Label Reprise Records
Producer(s) American Music Club

"Walking Tune" is a b-side from American Music Club's 1993 single Keep Me Around. The song was written by Danny Pearson, who also sings lead vocals. The song was re-worked for Pearson's post-AMC band Clodhopper's Red's Recovery Room album.


I can't help myself
I live in my head
Get down from the heights
I feel myself slip
Akin to my skin
I want to be happy
But how can you try

I'm in a car
You're on my left
He's on my right
My eyes on the camera
I focus on the window
and all that's outside

There's raindrops on the window

The sign in the lobby said 'there are no strangers,
just friends we haven't met'
A man wrote a letter on butcher paper
I saw him in the post office
Look up from great depths

I love you, you know that I do
I may be away but I am right here
Right here