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Please be aware that this template is being proposed as a guideline for use in the Musicians WikiProject. It is subject to change and may ultimately be rejected all together. To participate in the discussion and development, please visit WikiPedia:WikiProject Musicians/Article guidelines#Infobox

Template:Infobox musical artist 2

Please see the Musicians project page for more information about this template.

Creates a template for summarizing basic information about musical groups or individual musical artists. This template has the following fields:

  • Background - The color of the colored portions of the box. Please see below for details on color
  • Border - The color of the border around the info box. Please see below for details on color
  • Name - The name of the artist/group
  • Img - An image to display
  • Img_capt - A text caption for the image
  • URL - The URL to the group's official website. If the URL is too long to fit nicely in the box, please use "link" as the link text, e.g., [<some long url> text]
  • Formed - The year in which the group was formed, or the artist began performing. Automatically linked to the appropriate "year in music" article.
  • First - The name of the group's first album. Automatically italicized
  • FirstYear - The year of the first album. Automatically linked to the appropriate "year in music" article.
  • Disbanded - the year that the group disbanded or the artist quit performing. Automatically linked to the appropriate "year in music" article.
  • Latest - The name of the group's latest album. Automatically italicized
  • LatestYear - The year of the latest album. Automatically linked to the appropriate "year in music" article.
  • Genre - The genre used most often to describe the group/artist
  • Labels - Various record labels the musician/band has recorded under
  • OGenres - Other musical genres used to describe the group/artist
  • Projects - Other musical groups or solo careers that members of the group are involved in.
  • Albums - Notable albums (i.e., well known or quintessential). Automatically italicized.
  • Songs - Notable songs. Please use double quotes around all song titles.

Most fields are optional and the row will simply be omitted if no data is supplied


The infobox is color-coded to provide a quick indication of the type of group/perfromer this page is about, e.g, solo artist, orchestra, etc. This is similar to the color scheme used by the Albums project which is based on the type of Album. Please discuss additional types that need to be accounted for on the talk page.

Solo Artist salmon
Band orange
Orchestral darkturquoise
DJ/Mixer darkseagreen
Tribute/Cover Bands plum
Temporary colaborations chocolate

In addition to the background color of the infobox, a 2px border around the entire infobox will use a color scheme based on very broad genre categories. Note that there are countless musical genres out there, and only so many colors we can represent on the web, and even fewer that users will actually be able to differentiate in a 2px border. The info box already contains a field for the genre; the border is only meant to provide a very general categorization of the musical style. If you honestly believe that a general genera category has been left out of this scheme, please discuss it.

This infobox border color scheme is as follows:

Classical/March fuchsia
World lime
R&B/soul aqua
Rock (including Rock and roll, Heavy metal, Alternative, and Punk) black
Blues/Jazz/Funk blue
Swing/Big Band purple
Electronica/Dance/Trance yellow
Folk/Bluegrass olive
Country red
Hip Hop silver
Reggae/Calypso/Mento teal

Sample Template

The following template code produced the info box on this page

{{Infobox musical artist
|Background = orange
|Border =  lime
|Name = A.I.S.B.
|Img = NoImage.PNG
|Img_capt = No image available
|URL = [http://somedomain.com link]
|Formed = 1776
|First = Kick out the Jams
|FirstYear = 1968
|Disbanded = 2005
|Latest = 5 Tons of Flax
|LatestYear = 2005
|Genre = world
|Label = Gold & Appel
|OGenres = [[Trance (music)|Trance]], [[R&B]]
|OLabels = Greater Poop Records
|Similar = [[Justified Ancients of MuMu]], [[Mighty Mighty Bosstones]]
|Projects = [[Jefferson Airplane]], [[Abba]]
|Albums = Kick out the Jams, Weishaupt's Washington, Let it Grow
|Songs = "Kick out the Jams"
|Reviews = external review link, another link