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Song From Far Away book cover

Song From Far Away is a musical play by playwright Simon Stephens with music by Mark Eitzel.[1] It was premiered on March 10, 2015 in Amsterdam and at the Young Vic Theatre in London, England in September of 2015. It is the 2nd collaboration between Stephens and Eitzel, the first being 2010's Marine Parade. Bloomsbury Publishing issued the play in paperback on September 9, 2015. The press release for the play states that it is "An unforgettable homecoming to an estranged family, a lost love, unsettling sex and an unexamined life."[2]

The play's focal song, "Go Where The Love Is", was written by Eitzel.

On how Eitzel became involved with the play, he told the Galway Advertiser, “Simon is a big fan of Ivo Van Hove who is the director of Song From Far Away and at one point Ivo said he would like to do a production with him. At the time, Simon was looking for something for us to do together as well and he said to Ivo ‘what about bringing Mark Eitzel onboard’ and Ivo said ‘Great’ and that is how it started![3]

Eitzel also spoke about his take on the play and how his song fit, stating, “Basically, the man at the centre of the play is one of these rich guys who trades stocks; he’s kind of cold and distant. His brother dies and he has to go back home but he doesn’t particularly like going back home because he doesn’t like his family, so he is a little torn. He keeps hearing this song in different places he goes and he finally figures out how to play it. His brother had given him a ukulele and he works out how to play the song on it, that’s how the song works in the play.” The song was something Eitzel was initially working on and then adapted it more for the play.[4]


Trailer for Song From Far Away


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