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San Francisco cover
Song by American Music Club from the album San Francisco
Released October 1994
Format LP / CD / CS
Length 4:34
Label Reprise Records (US) / Virgin Records (UK)
Writer(s) Mark Eitzel
Producer(s) Joe Chicarelli / American Music Club
San Francisco track listing
  1. "Fearless"
  2. "It's Your Birthday"
  3. "Can You Help Me"
  4. "Love Doesn't Belong"
  5. "Wish The World Away"
  6. "How Many Six Packs Does It Take To Screw In A Light"
  7. "Cape Canaveral"
  8. "Hello Amsterdam"
  9. "The Revolving Door"
  10. "In The Shadow Of The Valley"
  11. "What Holds The World Together"
  12. "I Broke My Promise"
  13. "The Thorn In My Side Is Gone"
  14. "I'll Be Gone"
  15. "Fearless (Reprise)"
  16. "California Dreamin'"
  17. "I Just Took My Two Sleeping Pills And Now I'm Like A Bridegroom Standing At The Altar"

"Fearless" is the first song on American Music Club's seventh album, 1994’s San Francisco. An instrumental reprise also appears on the CD version of the album.

The song was written directly after seeing the Jeff Bridges movie of the same name. Eitzel said, "I cried for half an hour after seeing that film. It was so great that he was courageous enough to return her love and that her love was strong enough to reach him. What a beautiful statement to make. It resonates strongly in my life, I know love has that power."[1]


Lost again, am I lost again
I closed my eyes and kept on going
Now I'm gone and nothing's gonna endure
Unless I love you even more

Found again, am I found again
By your hands, my home is in your hands
But that's a touch I don't deserve anymore
Unless I love you even more

A stubborn heart can stay broken forever
But someday the tightrope's gonna break
Will I fall into a cool cool river
Or will I fall into a frozen lake

Saved again, am I saved again
By your eyes, the tears in your eyes
Your tears are the only thing that makes me sure
I've got to love you even more

And your tears are the only thing that'll endure
Unless I love you even more



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