East Of The Sun

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East Of The Sun
Studio album by Tuatara
Released 2007
Label Fast Horse Recordings
Tuatara chronology

West Of The Moon
East Of The Sun
The Here And The Gone

East Of The Sun is an album by Tuatara, released in 2007.

Mark Eitzel provides vocals on the song "A Spark In The Wind"


  1. "Waterhole"
  2. "The Spaniard"
  3. "Bones, Blood And Skin"
  4. "Silo Spring Violets"
  5. "Trouble Rides In"
  6. "Missionary Death Song"
  7. "A Spark In The Wind"
  8. "Madrigal"
  9. "All The Colors In The World"
  10. "Orpheus Must Die"
  11. "Your Ghost Town"
  12. "Thank You Jesus"
  13. "Rainbow Drops"
  14. "Love Is"
  15. "Oxman Spoonmaker"