Why Won't You Stay

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"Why Won't You Stay"
Everclear cover
Song by American Music Club from the album Everclear
Released 1991
Format LP / CD / CS
Length 2:59
Label Alias Records
Writer(s) Mark Eitzel
Producer(s) Bruce Kaphan & American Music Club
Everclear track listing
  1. "Why Won't You Stay"
  2. "Rise"
  3. "Miracle On 8th Street"
  4. "Ex-Girlfriend"
  5. "Crabwalk"
  6. "The Confidential Agent"
  7. "Sick Of Food"
  8. "The Dead Part Of You"
  9. "Royal Cafe"
  10. "What The Pillar Of Salt Held Up"
  11. "Jesus' Hands"
Cover of French Why Won't You Stay single

"Why Won't You Stay" is the first song on American Music Club's 1991 album, Everclear. It was released as a single in France, while Rise was released in the US. They had the same artwork and track list, with the Why Won't You Stay single adding the album version of "Crabwalk". It was first recorded in 1989 during the aborted Everclear sessions with Tom Mallon.[1]

In 1989 Mark Eitzel said the song "is watching someone sleeping and saying 'When we're asleep/They're going to bury us in peace'. It's about watching someone comatose after a week."[2]


Will this night fulfill all our promises
And bury us in peace
Will it leave us free and forgetful
Or at least bring some sleep

Your eyes don't catch the little things
As they narrow on your fall
I'm checking your pulse 'cause you're so quiet
I'm kissing you but you don't feel it
Why do you do this to me?
Showing me all that I'm good for
Is to watch you sleep as lifeless as an angel
She was the most beautiful cloud
That ever passed before the face of a girl
Seems like nothing's too good for this life
Some things are too good for this world

And our names and our faces
Well they're just spare change
In memory of a soul
That kept dropping spare change

Why won't you stay?

In memory of a little girl
Who was far too much in love with the world
And who didn't really wanna stick around for the end

Why won't you stay?


Mark Eitzel performing "Why Won't You Stay" in a 2013 radio session.


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