When You Fly

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"When You Fly"
Mark Eitzel Vs Sacri Cuori cover
Song by Mark Eitzel from the album Mark Eitzel Vs Sacri Cuori
Released 2012
Format 7"
Label Decor Records / Trash Aesthetics
Writer(s) Mark Eitzel
Mark Eitzel Vs Sacri Cuori track listing
  1. "The Bill Is Due" - Mark Eitzel
  2. "When You Fly" - Mark Eitzel
  3. "Silver Dollar" - Sacri Cuori
  4. "Lido" - Sacri Cuori

"When You Fly" is the 2nd song on the 2012 split 7" single from Mark Eitzel and Sacri Cuori. It is previously unreleased.


If this is not your world
If this is not your story
Rip it up, let it fly
Let it fall through the glory
You love lonely things
Where cold falls and wind forgets
You wanna fill the sky
Like the shine of the sunset

Everything you see is true
And everything is all so alive
But they rise like smoke
When you fly
When you fly

Disguise your whole breath
Remember you're beautiful
A blessing of this world
How it always lets you go
And all the trash you keep
And all the ghosts you believe
They just tie up your ropes
When it's time to leave

First we leave our shoes behind
And then we leave all our goodbyes
You let them go
When you fly
When you fly

This world doesn't owe us a thing
No matter how much of it we buy
It's just dead weight
When you fly
When you fly