What Do I Do

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"What Do I Do"
Cover of Connie Champagne's La Strada
Song by Connie Champagne from the album La Strada
Released 1991
Format CD / CS
Length 3:37
Label Heyday Records
Writer(s) Mark Eitzel
Producer(s) Oliver DiCicco
La Strada track listing
  1. "Intro"
  2. "All Tomorrow's Parties"
  3. "Shades"
  4. "Don't I Have The Right?"
  5. "All Dressed Up"
  6. "Merrill"
  7. "That's Something"
  8. "Must Be"
  9. "More Than I Will"
  10. "Rip The Screen"
  11. "I Want You"
  12. "Frenchette"
  13. "The Boulevard Of Broken Dreams"
  14. "What Do I Do"
  15. "Drinking Again"
  16. "Home From War"
  17. "Outro"

"What Do I Do" is the 14th song on Connie Champagne's 1991 album, La Strada. Mark Eitzel wrote the song.


As the sun goes down
And the buildings cool
As the tide rolls out
And the shadows pool

You can still smell summer
and the times gone dry
I can still see summertime
in your eye

And if you marry when the sun goes down
by the dawn
You might find your lover gone

On the borderline
between the states and the great Northern waste
There's a cataract as big as the nighttime

When the drain of living
pulls you down
Take a barrel and roll
over the misty showers

Raise your hands and give up on everything
Find a place to throw your dreams
Like old dead flowers

What do I do
What do I do without you

The lovers love the mist
Insubstantial as a little kiss
Times like these bring us so very close
to the edge of things

So I'm left behind to watch the day melt away and move on
You could say I'm left alone
You're departure explodes into our hands
like an 8 ball on a losing shot
Rolls to the edge and it's gone

What do I do
What do I do without you
Without you
Without you.