Welcome To Whitehall

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"Welcome To Whitehall"
Comes With A Smile, Vol. 4 cover
Song by Mark Eitzel from the album Comes With A Smile, Vol. 4 - Let Them In, All Of Them
Released 2001
Format CD & magazine
Label Comes With A Smile
Writer(s) Mark Eitzel
Producer(s) Mark Eitzel
Comes With A Smile, Vol. 4 - Let Them In, All Of Them track listing

Disc 1:

  1. "Strangers Out Of Blue" - St. Thomas
  2. "Welcome To Whitehall" - Mark Eitzel
  3. "River" - Waterworks
  4. "Mr. Katherine (Live)" - The Dearhunters
  5. "I Was Thinkin'" - Neilson Hubbard
  6. "Good Advice For Dogs (Alt)" - Joel R L Phelps
  7. "Bricks Without Stone" - Bauer
  8. "River Blue (Live)" - Oh Susanna
  9. "The Wound That Never Heals (Alt)" - Jim White
  10. "Cute Lemon Party" - The Moore Brothers
  11. "Lonely At The Top" - Flophouse Jr.
  12. "Let's Dance (Live)" - M. Ward
  13. "Revolution Is Grey" - Al Phoenix
  14. "Manhattan Skyline (Alt)" - Kings Of Convenience
  15. "Untitled" - Songs:Ohia
  16. "He Walks Alone (Acoustic)" - Tram
  17. "You're A Fighter" - Steve Ward
  18. "Black Sheep Boy" - The Joe Plaskett Emergency
  19. "Ask Me No Questions (Live)" - Ken Stringfellow
  20. "Another Place" - Jesse Harris

"Welcome To Whitehall (White Civic Booster Promo) (For T.V. Spot)" is a mostly instrumental song written in 1998 from Mark Eitzel that appears as the 2nd song on the 4th volume of Comes With A Smiles series of compilation CDs issued with their magazines. The song is another in the line of Eitzel's stint of writing fake commercials, the only other of which has been released being "Sunset Retirement Community".

Eitzel performed the song once with a laptop, in November of 1998 in San Francisco, CA.