Watery Eyes

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"Watery Eyes"
Dopamine cover
Song by Mitchell Froom from the album Dopamine
Released 1998
Format CD
Length 2:54
Label Atlantic Records
Writer(s) Mark Eitzel & Mitchell Froom
Producer(s) Tchad Blake
Dopamine track listing
  1. "Tastes Good"
  2. "The Bunny"
  3. "Kitsum"
  4. "Dopamine"
  5. "Watery Eyes"
  6. "Monkey Mind"
  7. "Noodletown"
  8. "Wave"
  9. "I'd Better Not"
  10. "Permanent Midnight"
  11. "Overcast"
  12. "Fruta Prohibida

"Watery Eyes" is the 5th song on Mitchell Froom's 3rd album, 1998’s Dopamine. Mark Eitzel contributed lyrics and vocals on the song.


We shuffle back and forth with decisions all made
We put them in our yearly cakes and eat down to the crumbs

Our watery eyes are pools of light
that water has no good use for

Oh constants my bride buried in your silver locket
Plums driven into your electric socket
A song that time always builds
Look look look