Traveling Lighthouses

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"Traveling Lighthouses"
Song by Flitcraft from the album Flitcraft
Released 2014
Format CD
Length 3:37
Label EMI
Writer(s) Mark Eitzel
Manolis Famellos
Flitcraft track listing
  1. "Amy"
  2. "True Tales"
  3. "Ruins In The Deep"
  4. "O My Black Bird"
  5. "Magic Snowglobe"
  6. "Sweep Sleep"
  7. "Τraveling Lighthouses"
  8. "Tailspin"
  9. "Still A Miracle"
  10. "Red Kite"
  11. "Little Boy Lost And Found"

"Traveling Lighthouses" is a song written by Manolis Famellos for his Flitcraft project. The song was adapted for the album by Mark Eitzel.