This Is For The Love (J'te Kiffe)

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"This Is For The Love (J'te Kiffe)"
Red Trees cover
Song by Lisa Papineau from the album Red Trees
Released 2009
Format CD
Length 5:12
Label Yellowbird
Sargent House
Writer(s) Matthieu Lesenechal
Lisa Papineau
Producer(s) Lisa Papineau
Red Trees track listing
  1. "Rene Thomas"
  2. "Annette Tessier"
  3. "Gay Can't Wait Forever"
  4. "White Leather Pants"
  5. "I Dream Of Red Trees"
  6. "The Language Of A Name"
  7. "Marco Chomo"
  8. "Touch Time Out"
  9. "Sorry I Cannot English"
  10. "This Is For The Love (J'te Kiffe)"
  11. "Nancy Baker"
  12. "A Reprise"

"This Is For The Love (J'te Kiffe)" is the 10th song on Lisa Papineau's 2009 album Red Trees.

Mark Eitzel provided vocals for the song.