The Man With The Hole In His Foot

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"The Man With The Hole In His Foot"
Proclaim Your Joy cover
Song by Mark Eitzel
Released 2001
Format 7"
Label Matador Records
Writer(s) Mark Eitzel
Producer(s) Mark Eitzel

"The Man With The Hole In His Foot" is the b-side on the 7" of Mark Eitzel's 2001 single Proclaim Your Joy.


The man with a hole in his foot
that he put there so his life wouldn't take root
He sentenced himself to limp and stumble
and all his confessions mumble
and to be forever humble
and obsess about 'airliners in trouble'
There was a man with lead in his step
that he put there so no mothers' cheeks would get wet
He doesn't want sympathy, just give him Novocain
He dreams of sunlight through a cool windowpane
that's supposed to fill him with a sense of humor again
so he can laugh about pain
A soldier always has his sad duty
It spreads beneath everything like a sea
He let too much hope slip through his arms
All he wants now is the blessing of a peaceful heart
that in action was always missing
It takes love to make you think there could be a heaven.


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