The Bill Is Due

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"The Bill Is Due"
Don't Be A Stranger cover
Song by Mark Eitzel from the album Don't Be A Stranger
Released 2012
Format CD/LP
Length 3:12
Label Merge Records (US) / Decor Records (UK)
Writer(s) Mark Eitzel
Producer(s) Sheldon Gomberg
Don't Be A Stranger track listing
  1. "I Love You But You're Dead"
  2. "The Bill Is Due"
  3. "All My Love"
  4. "Oh Mercy"
  5. "Costume Characters Face Dangers In The Workplace"
  6. "Why Are You With Me"
  7. "Lament For Bobo The Clown"
  8. "Break The Champagne"
  9. "We All Have To Find Our Own Way Out"
  10. "You're Waiting"
  11. "Nowhere To Run"

"The Bill Is Due" is the 2nd song on Mark Eitzel's 10th album, 2012's Don't Be A Stranger.


Who needs the past, it just sticks to your shoe
You try and move on, but the bill is due
So you walk away, and you go nowhere
Your life stumbles on, without you even there

Threw away your good luck
Too good to be true
You were someone, now you're not
And the bill is due

Parties and punchlines make a life easy to forget
But you can't rise to the light when you're full of regret
Don't become a ghost when your time is through
The world gives you away, and the bill is due

A thousand arms hold up the sky
A thousand hands hold you
You never add up what you owe
When the bill is due


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