The Amyl Nitrate Dreams Of Pat Robertson

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"The Amyl Nitrate Dreams Of Pat Robertson"
Johnny Mathis' Feet (Part 2) cover
Song by American Music Club
Released 1993
Format CD / CS
Length 3:55
Label Virgin Records
Writer(s) Mark Eitzel
Producer(s) Mitchell Froom

"The Amyl Nitrate Dreams Of Pat Robertson" is a b-side on part two of American Music Club's 1993 single, Johnny Mathis' Feet.


Did you see me in your shifting curtain
I was busy taking a furtive peek inside
At your lovely lights of your unprotective sea
At your lovely freeways burning with innocence
At your lovely chain stores
leveling the horizons like A-bombs
At your run-down streets long abandoned

By the few that claim that they saw me
By the few they claim that eyes were opened

No close friends
I swear no one saw me

My Boy Scout badge I got for not feeling a thing
My golden future with its wild cherry flavored hole
My yellow ribbon, my yellow streak, my big stick
My big time with the pony's oldest trick

Won't keep the grains of my soul from passing through the sieve
Won't keep me begging for something I know you'll never give
And anyway, I'm probably just gonna steal
I guess I might be okay if all I wanted was a thrill

No close friends
Yeah I might be okay if all I wanted was a thrill

I saw the black in your shifting curtains
I saw you tighten up a drum, your faded getaway
I watched with pain, I watched with lust - your lousy acting
You're a cloud of dust and whenever you speak,
it's the wind and the sea
Saying eventually you're gonna have to give up

No close friends
Yeah I swear I never give up

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