Still Falling

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Still Falling
Studio album by Virgil Shaw
Released 2003
Label Future Farmer Records
Producer Sean Coleman
Virgil Shaw chronology

Quad Cities
Still Falling
New Mid City

Still Falling is the 2nd album by Virgil Shaw.

Mark Eitzel provides vocals for 2 songs on the album - "The Drawing" and "Clock On The Wall". He is also credited with laughter on "Imaginary Guitars". Additionally, one-time American Music Club member and frequent Mark Eitzel collaborator Marc Capelle plays a variety of instruments on every song on the album.

Track listing

  1. "The Drawing"
  2. "Golden Sun"
  3. "Wilderness Of This World"
  4. "Wet Splashes"
  5. "Clock On The Wall"
  6. "Still Falling"
  7. "Owner Operator"
  8. "Imaginary Guitars"
  9. "Sing Me Back Home"