Sixteen Haiku & Other Stories

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Sixteen Haiku & Other Stories
Studio album by Sigmatropic
Released 2003
Label Hitch-Hyke Records
Tongue Master Records
Producer Akis Boyatzis
Antonis Livieratos
Sigmatropic chronology

Δεκαέξη Χαϊκού Και Αλλες Ιστορίες
Sixteen Haiku & Other Stories
Dark Outside

Sixteen Haiku & Other Stories is the 3rd album by Sigmatropic. The album features eighteen artists rendering their vocals to music based on the poetry of Nobel Laureate George Seferis, including Mark Eitzel, who provides vocals for "Haiku Nine ('Young Fate')".

Track listing

  1. "Introduction ('On Stage, 2')"
  2. "Haiku One"
  3. "Haiku Two"
  4. "Haiku Three"
  5. "Haiku Four"
  6. "Haiku Five"
  7. "Haiku Six"
  8. "Haiku Seven"
  9. "Haiku Eight"
  10. "Haiku Nine ('Young Fate')"
  11. "Haiku Ten"
  12. "Haiku Eleven"
  13. "Haiku Twelve ('Unprofitable Boat Line')"
  14. "Haiku Thirteen ('Sick Fury')"
  15. "Haiku Fourteen (a)"
  16. "Haiku Fourteen (b)"
  17. "Haiku Fifteen"
  18. "Haiku Sixteen"
  19. "Dead Sea"
  20. "Water Warm ('Sketches For A Summer')"
  21. "This Human Body"
  22. "The Jasmine"