Seeing Eye Dog

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"Seeing Eye Dog"
The Invisible Man cover
Song by Mark Eitzel from the album The Invisible Man
Released 2001
Format CD
Length 2:56
Label Matador Records
Writer(s) Mark Eitzel
Producer(s) Mark Eitzel
The Invisible Man track listing
  1. "The Boy With The Hammer In The Paper Bag"
  2. "Can You See?"
  3. "Christian Science Reading Room"
  4. "Sleep"
  5. "To The Sea"
  6. "Shine"
  7. "Steve I Always Knew"
  8. "Bitterness"
  9. "Anything"
  10. "Without You"
  11. "The Global Sweep Of Human History"
  12. "Seeing Eye Dog"
  13. "Proclaim Your Joy"

"Seeing Eye Dog" is the 12th song on Mark Eitzel's 7th album, 2001's The Invisible Man.


When the light's red, then I'll keep you safe
I know the traffic don't stop for the blind anymore
Those burning souls with their knuckles all bruised
All biding their time until it's all used

I'm your seeing eye dog

And when evil comes with its bleating heart
Its discount coupon
Its bible and its gun
Its Jolly Roger map for the way out
I'll drag you from the ditch
I'll pull you from your doubt

I'm your seeing eye dog

And I'll never leave you
as long as you're still trying to see
Don't bite the hand that feeds you
If you can't be true to yourself
You better be true to me

I'm your seeing eye dog

And when the light's green, then we're free to go
Across the dangerous street, across the beautiful world
When the light's green, then we're on our way
You'll never be alone, you'll never be astray

I'm your seeing eye dog


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