Rhymes Of Goodbye

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"Rhymes Of Goodbye"
Shanti Project Collection Vol. 2 cover
Song by Paula Frazer with Mark Eitzel from the album Shanti Project Collection Vol. 2
Released 2000
Format CD
Label Badman Recording Co.
Writer(s) Scott Walker
Shanti Project Collection Vol. 2 track listing
  1. "When You Walked Out On Me" - Mimi Parker
  2. "The Plan" - Mimi Parker
  3. "Hate My Way (Acoustic)" - Kristin Hersh
  4. "Garoux Des Larmes (Acoustic)" - Kristin Hersh
  5. "This Is A Song" - Paula Frazer
  6. "Rhymes Of Goodbye" - Paula Frazer & Mark Eitzel
  7. "More" - Rebecca Gates
  8. "The Colonel's Circle" - Rebecca Gates
  9. "Ancestors" - Edith Frost
  10. "Cold And On My Mind" - Edith Frost
  11. "The One You Love" - Julie Doiron
  12. "And There Is Still Enough" - Julie Doiron
  13. "All Their Broken Hearts" - Julie Doiron
  14. "Desire Is Critical" - MAdM
  15. "Love Is The Drug" - MAdM

"Rhymes Of Goodbye" is a song by Paula Frazer featuring Mark Eitzel and originally written by Scott Walker. It appears on two compilations from Badman Recording Co., the first being Shanti Project Collection Vol. 2 (2000) and later, Badman Bedtime Maladies (2002).