Restless Stranger

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"Restless Stranger"
The Restless Stranger cover
Song by American Music Club from the album The Restless Stranger 1998 reissue
Released 1998
Format CD
Length 4:04
Label Warner Bros. Records
Writer(s) Mark Eitzel
Producer(s) Tom Mallon
The Restless Stranger 1998 reissue track listing
  1. "Room Above The Club"
  2. "$1,000,000 Song"
  3. "Away Down My Street"
  4. "Yvonne Gets Dumped"
  5. "Mr. Lucky"
  6. "Point Of Desire"
  7. "Goodbye Reprise #54"
  8. Tell Yourself"
  9. "When Your Love Is Gone"
  10. "Heavenly Smile"
  11. "Broken Glass"
  12. "Hold On To Your Love"
  13. "Restless Stranger"
  14. "How Low"
  15. "I'm In Heaven Now"

"Restless Stranger" was recorded during the sessions for the first American Music Club album, The Restless Stranger, yet not released until the 1998 Warner Bros. Records CD reissue of the album.


You can dream about the dead
As they walk through the night
With their sweet kisses
Wrapped in rose colored pillows

Why did this come up so quick
A spark moves in a dry world
As if something was just switched on
And then disappeared

Smile for the restless stranger
I borrowed ninety cents from the store
Like a million dollars
Send me running away
Send me running away

Out of this warm house
Out of these warm friends
Right into the arms of this sick feeling
I run right to the arms of this sick feeling

They just say go themselves
If it comes to a choice in this world
Well you can throw the decks in the air
When the air cuts your heart

Yeah I’ll invite you somewhere
and give you my sad smiles
Into the tall dirty land
More than buying all the miles
We’re surrounded by the fight
We who can see an amber light

When you were born, were your lips already mine?
When you were born
Down the same silent streets, bordered by disaster
Down the same silent streets, bordered by the fight
We were colored like candy canes
We were colored like rays of pain
We were glowing like justice’s fire
We were laughing with desire
And the symbols of the street shaking hour by hour
When you were born
When you were born
When you were born

Out of this warm house
And through the empty city
It fills my love with hunters who
Who will take me, take me, take me
Take me, take me



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