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Song by Mark Eitzel from the album Superhits International
Released 2004
Format CD
Label Rykodisc
Writer(s) Mark Eitzel
Producer(s) Mark Eitzel
Superhits International track listing
  1. "Always Turn Away"
  2. "Sacred Heart"
  3. "Cleopatra Jones"
  4. "In Your Life"
  5. "If You Have To Ask"
  6. "Are You The Trash"
  7. "Queen Of No One"
  8. "Can You See?"
  9. "Christian Science Reading Room"
  10. "Proclaim Your Joy"
  11. "The Man With The Hole In His Foot"
  12. "Hold Me"
  13. "Charm School"
  14. "Anything"
  15. "Presets"

"Presets" is an electronic instrumental song by Mark Eitzel. It was included on the Rykodisc promotional Superhits International compilation album, which spanned Eitzel's solo output at the time. The song has not been released anywhere else aside from this promotional release.