One Act Plays

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One Act Plays
Studio album by Sonny Smith
Released 2005
Label self-released
Sonny Smith chronology

Sordid Tales Of Love And Woe
One Act Plays

One Act Plays is a 2005 album from Sonny Smith. Mark Eitzel sings on the song "The Terrible Truth".

Track listing

  1. "The Stick-Up"
  2. ""Honey" Roy Rockwell"
  3. "Troublesome Affair"
  4. "Treat Me Mean"
  5. "Over The Border And Into The Night"
  6. "Eddie And Rita"
  7. "The Terrible Truth"
  8. "Following Father"
  9. "Freaks In Space!"
  10. "Donkey Killed The Crow"
  11. "The Stick-Up (Part Two)"