My Pet Rat St. Michael

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"My Pet Rat St. Michael"
Candy Ass cover
Song by Mark Eitzel from the album Candy Ass
Released 2005
Format CD
Label Cooking Vinyl
Writer(s) Mark Eitzel
Producer(s) Mark Eitzel
Candy Ass track listing
  1. "My Pet Rat St. Michael"
  2. "Cotton Candy Tenth Power"
  3. "Make Sure They Hear"
  4. "Sleeping Beauty"
  5. "A Loving Tribute To My City"
  6. "Homeland Pastoral"
  7. "Roll Away My Stone"
  8. "Green Eyes"
  9. "Cobh"
  10. "I Am Fassbinder"
  11. "Song Of The Mole"
  12. "Guitar Lover"

"My Pet Rat St. Michael" is the first song on Mark Eitzel's 8th solo album, 2005's Candy Ass.


You got to help my pet rat doc - he's always glum
Though I give him lab cigarettes, sawdust, even a wheel to run
I tell him: you should be happy there's no reason to stare
I play him Mariah Carey - so there's butterflies and rainbows in the air

His name is St. Michael and he's a bit of a class clown
He laughs with people who always laugh him down
He would hang himself except he already chewed threw his rope
He would rise on heavens wings except he's miserable as the pope

I know the party's over
But whoops would you look at that - my glass is still half full
I show it to St. Michael but his eyes they drift like frost
While he watches all the goodness in his heart burn away like exhaust

Remember when I mentioned my half full glass
It comes in handy when you always want more
It magically fills as the boasts get empty
From the tired swimmer who can no longer see the shore

Yeah I know the party's over
I'm a little relieved but what will I do know
I'll be nicer to St. Michael, that rat really makes me laugh
When he says - in the end there are no saints there are no liars
there are just sparks falling down wires
They have no heart but they always sing
They are the heroin in everything
A beauty easy to explain away
But how do you make it stay:
You got to fight for it...


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