My Father's House

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"My Father's House"
Ten Years Of Tears cover
Song by Mark Eitzel from the album Ten Years Of Tears
Released 2007
Format CD
Label Self-released
Writer(s) Bruce Springsteen
Ten Years Of Tears track listing
  1. "Ladies And Gentlemen" (Undertow Orchestra - Oporto 6.6.6)
  2. "St. Michael My Pet Rat" (Undertow Orchestra - Oporto 6.6.6)
  3. "Sleeping Beauty" (Undertow Orchestra - Oporto 6.6.6)
  4. "Home" (Undertow Orchestra - Park West, Chicago 17.2.6)
  5. "Mission Rock Resort" (Radio 6.96)
  6. "Aspirin" (Radio 6.96)
  7. "In Your Life" (Radio 5.97)
  8. "Greeting Cards" (Solar Culture, Tucson 25.6.1)
  9. "To The Sea" (Solar Culture, Tucson 25.6.1)
  10. "No Easy Way Down" (Solar Culture, Tucson 25.6.1)
  11. "Rehearsals For Retirement" (Amoeba Recs. SF 24.4.2)
  12. "My Father's House" (World Financial Centre – NYC 14.1.6)
  13. "Heart And Soul" (Meteriet, Lund 12.4.6)
  14. "Blue And Grey Shirt" (Fibbers, York 2.6.5)
  15. "I've Been A Mess" (Fibbers, York 2.6.5)
  16. "Jesus' Hands" (Iron Horse, Northampton 23.1.7

"My Father's House" is the 12th song on Mark Eitzel's 2007 limited edition tour CD, Ten Years Of Tears. The song, from Bruce Springsteen's Nebraska album, was recorded live as part of "The Nebraska Project" at the 2006 New York Guitar Festival, World Financial Center Winter Garden, New York, NY.

The song is mislabeled as "My Father's Place" in the liner notes.


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