Love Connection NYC

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"Love Connection NYC"
Trademark Of Quality cover
Song by American Music Club from the album Trademark Of Quality
Released 1992
Format CD
Length 4:04
Label Warner Bros. Records
Writer(s) Mark Eitzel
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"Love Connection NYC" is a song by American Music Club that was first released on the Trademark Of Quality promotional CD, issued by Warner Bros./Reprise Records in 1992. A demo version of the song later appeared on various compilations, including two American Music Club releases.


You're amazing
How many different lines can you draw
How many lines can you break
How many lines won't you connect
How many tears can you upset
How many histories can you forget
How many seasons can fly past

How many lives will be lost in your surrender

Plentiful in poverty
Yeah you got a lot of nothing
Like a pine tree that makes too many seeds than it needs
Waiting for the fire
Trying to catch feathers as they fall from the trees
'Cause every single one is like a friend you're reaching for
You've got a lot of nothing
But you didn't know what you wanted
What do you want

Your surrender

I don't believe you
No matter what you say
No matter what you do
I don't believe you
Peel away what you say
From the deep end of a crowded leap
Into a white snow buried six feet deep

Into your surrender
How many flags will you raise
How many trails can you blaze
How many empty aimless days
How many endless different ways
Can you say

You surrender

Yeah you're amazing

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