Love's Humming

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"Love's Humming"
The Ugly American cover
Song by Mark Eitzel from the album The Ugly American
Released 2003
Format CD
Length 4:23
Label Thirsty Ear Records (US) / Tongue Master Records (UK/EU)
Writer(s) Manolis Famellos
Producer(s) Manolis Famellos
The Ugly American track listing
  1. "Western Sky"
  2. "Here They Roll Down"
  3. "Jenny"
  4. "Nightwatchman"
  5. "Take Courage"
  6. "Anything"
  7. "What Good Is Love"
  8. "Will You Find Me?"
  9. "Last Harbor"
  10. "Love's Humming"

"Love's Humming" is the last song on Mark Eitzel's 7th album, 2003's The Ugly American. The song was written and produced by Manolis Famellos.


Love's humming,
love's humming on a corner stone.
And she lays a trap,
she lays a trap in a song.

Love's humming,
humming her endless song

Some she leaves high and dry,
some she drowns with tide and time...
But the one she would hurt the most
she claims his joy and ruined mind...

Oh just like vinegar out of wine

At night she is in my dreams,
sweetly she comes to me.
She stabs a cross,
she stabs in the ruins of my heart so deeply...

She crucifies my heart so sweetly...
She crucifies my ruined heart so sweetly...


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