La Strada

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La Strada
Studio album by Connie Champagne
Released 1991
Label Heyday Records
Producer Oliver DiCicco

La Strada is the debut album from Connie Champagne. Mark Eitzel wrote the album's song "What Do I Do".

Track listing

  1. "Intro"
  2. "All Tomorrow's Parties"
  3. "Shades"
  4. "Don't I Have The Right?"
  5. "All Dressed Up"
  6. "Merrill"
  7. "That's Something"
  8. "Must Be"
  9. "More Than I Will"
  10. "Rip The Screen"
  11. "I Want You"
  12. "Frenchette"
  13. "The Boulevard Of Broken Dreams"
  14. "What Do I Do"
  15. "Drinking Again"
  16. "Home From War"
  17. "Outro"