Johnny Mathis' Feet

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"Johnny Mathis' Feet"
Single by American Music Club
from the album Mercury
Released 1993
Format CD / CS
Length 3:40
Label Virgin Records
Writer(s) Mark Eitzel
Producer(s) Mitchell Froom
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"Johnny Mathis' Feet"
Keep Me Around

"Johnny Mathis' Feet" is the 11th song on American Music Club's 1993 album, Mercury, and the first single released from the album. "The 'silk and amphetamines' line describes the American landscape and what it's really all about. It's really about amphetamines - we're all hyped up, T-2, and TV is this little portable amphetamine rush. Plus there's a tradition in America of great pop crooners, and Johnny is probably the coolest of the lot," Eitzel said in a 1993 Creem Magazine interview.[1]

Single releases

The single was released in a 2-part CD and cassingle by Virgin Records in the UK. The single's cover depicts a photograph of Vudi's feet. Additionally, a 2-CD promotional single was issued to US press and radio - the first CD containing "Johnny Mathis' Feet" while the second disc contained a live concert from June 15, 1993 in San Francisco, CA, USA.


I lay all my songs at Johnny Mathis’ feet
I said, "Johnny tell me
Can you tell me how to live?
All my hopes are unraveling and I just lost my lease
On my house without love, doors, or windows -
Without peace."

And with a wave of his jewel-encrusted hand
Across the glittering Las Vegas scene he said,
"You gotta learn how to disappear
in the silk and amphetamine."

Johnny looked at my songs and he said,
"Well at first guess, never in my life
Have I ever seen such a mess.
Why do you say everything as if you were a thief?
Like what you’ve stolen has no value
Like what you preach is far from belief?"

And with a wave of his red white and blue hand
Across the glittering Hollywood scene he said,
"You gotta learn how to disappear
in the silk and amphetamine."

Johnny looked at my old collection of punk rock posters
Anonymous scenes of disaffection chaos and torture
And he said, "You were on the right track
But you’re a lamb jumping for the knife."
He said, "A real showman knows how
to disappear in the spotlight."


Official video for "Johnny Mathis' Feet" directed by Pedro Romhanyi

American Music Club performing "Johnny Mathis' Feet" on April 5, 1993 in Scotland.

Track listing

Part one

  1. "Johnny Mathis' Feet"
  2. "Will You Find Me?" (Ahuja Mix)
  3. "The Hopes And Dreams Of Heaven's 10,000 Whores" (Home Demo)
  4. "Apology For An Accident" (Home Demo)

Part two


  1. "Johnny Mathis' Feet"
  2. "The Amyl Nitrate Dreams Of Pat Robertson"
  3. "What Godzilla Said To God When His Name Wasn't Found In The Book Of Life" (Home Demo)
  4. "Dallas, Airports, Bodybags" (Home Demo)

2-CD promotional


Disc 1
  1. "Johnny Mathis' Feet"
Disc 2 - live at Slim's, San Francisco, CA - June 15, 1993
  1. "Outside This Bar"
  2. "Challenger"
  3. "Western Sky"
  4. "Johnny Mathis' Feet"
  5. "I've Been A Mess"
  6. "Nightwatchman"
  7. "Bad Liquor"
  8. "The Hula Maiden"
  9. "Pale Skinny Girl"
  10. "Somewhere"

Engineer – Bob Skye
Mixed By – Bruce Kaphan at The Music Annex
Assistant mixing engineer – Lance Nottle


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  1. "American Music Club". Creem. Los Angeles, CA. 1993.