Incidental One

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"Incidental One"
Offbeat: A Red Hot Sound Trip cover
Song by Mark Eitzel meets My Bloody Valentine from the album Offbeat: A Red Hot Sound Trip
Released 1996
Format CD / LP
Length 0:52
Label TVT
Writer(s) Mark Eitzel, My Bloody Valentine
Offbeat: A Red Hot Sound Trip track listing
  1. "Transnational Lullabye" - Skylab
  2. "Ryu-Ki" - DJ Krush
  3. "A Train (Interlude)" - Christian McBride & Joey DeFrancesco
  4. "Looking For The Jackalope" - Laika
  5. "Krazy Groove" - Christian McBride & DJ Krazy
  6. "Don Cherry (Interlude)" - Skylab
  7. "Black Dada Nihilismus" - Amiri Baraka & DJ Spooky
  8. "Surrounded By Flowers/I.K.B. 95 (Interlude)" - Skylab
  9. "Cartridge Music" - Tom and Andy
  10. "Rain Rain/The Phone Call" - Skylab
  11. "Murder Of Lawyers" - Soul Coughing
  12. "I Control" - Meat Beat Manifesto
  13. "Hip No Therapy" - Barry Adamson
  14. "Why Do I?/Trepanation #1 (Interlude)" - Skylab
  15. "It Goes Back" - David Byrne
  16. "Laughing Groove (Interlude)" - Christian McBride, Joey DeFrancesco & DJ Krazy
  17. "Incidental One (Interlude)" - Mark Eitzel meets My Bloody Valentine
  18. "Wait" - Tortoise & Jeff Parker
  19. "I.K.B. 95 (Interlude)" - Skylab
  20. "Characteristic Beat" - Emergency Broadcast Network
  21. "Pinball/Wisions Of Rotterdam" - DJ Spooky
  22. "Temporally Displaced" - DJ Spooky
  23. "Itsofomo (Interlude)" - Ben Neill & David Wojnarowicz
  24. "Incidental Peace" - My Bloody Valentine & Skylab
  25. "Trepanation #3" - Skylab
  26. "Republican Party" - Moby

"Incidental One (Interlude)" is the 17th song on the 1996 compilation album, Offbeat: A Red Hot Sound Trip. The song is a collaboration between Mark Eitzel and My Bloody Valentine, with Eitzel providing spoken word vocals over My Bloody Valentine's soundscape.


Up until now I've been beneath their suspicion
I could slip through them in the crowd
The evil that breeds in their still water
Sacrifices shame for bravery
and it makes you hate
and it makes you hate

I swear to you that I love you
but I can't help the static