In This Short Life

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In This Short Life
In This Short Life
Directed by Britta Sjogren
Produced by Britta Sjogren
Written by Britta Sjogren
Starring Chris Shearer, Britta Sjogren, Chris Sjogren, Christine Sjogren, Sean Uyehara
Music by Mark Eitzel, Marc Capelle, Monte Vallier
Cinematography Bradley Sellers
Edited by Britta Sjogren
Release date
Running time
96 minutes
Country USA
Language English

In This Short Life is a 2005 film written and directed by Britta Sjogren and starring Chris Shearer, Britta Sjogren, Chris Sjogren, Christine Sjogren and Sean Uyehara. The movie was released on DVD in 2005, however the soundtrack was never released.


Shot with non-professional actors (including the filmmaker herself) in the intimate black-and-white palette of older home movies, In This Short Life works the blurry margin between documentary and fiction. The film follows four mysteriously intertwined lives in Portland, OR., and Los Angeles: an elderly woman ambivalently embarking on an affair; a mentally unstable man being evicted from his home; a frustrated actor waiting for his breakthrough; and a young female artist forced by a much-desired yet inconveniently-timed pregnancy to reassess the priorities in her life.


The music in the film is by Mark Eitzel and American Music Club, with original compositions by Marc Capelle and Monte Vallier