I Miss You

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"I Miss You"
Klamath cover
Song by Mark Eitzel from the album Klamath
Released 2009
Format CD
Length 4:55
Label Self-released
Writer(s) Mark Eitzel
Producer(s) Mark Eitzel
Klamath track listing
  1. "Buried Treasure"
  2. "Like A River That Reaches The Sea"
  3. "The Blood On My Hands"
  4. "I Miss You"
  5. "There's Someone Waiting"
  6. "What Do You Got For Me"
  7. "The White Of Gold"
  8. "I Live In This Place"
  9. "Why I'm Bullshit"
  10. "Remember"
  11. "Antennas"
  12. "Ronald Koal Was A Rock Star"

"I Miss You" is the 4th song on Mark Eitzel's 9th solo studio album, 2009's Klamath.


Well they haven't seen us - we're as free as you can possibly get
A blindspot is forgiveness; the kindness of a stranger
I'm holding you but I know nothing stay, I see life's mist gently rise
Little notes and pennies and minutes drift away from heaven's empty pockets
And you would always laugh into the gray face of the storm

I miss you
Your heart was warm

I'm a sentimental old queen - I cry after every airplane movie
But then I started having the dream of a lonely man
Lucky you, you're the one I wish goodbye when they finally take away my kazoo
Your arm in mine is the reason why we make the lonely stars lonelier
And if the world slips through your hands, you don't even get its scorn

I miss you
Your heart was warm

We fall in love with mysteries - love comes from somewhere else
Not the mountains or the seas, not the churches or the bars
It's not in gold paint or golden rules - they always peel off
Worn by faces made cruel by vanity or luck
But all this is just a finger snap that you only pretend to mourn

I miss you
Your heart was warm

Now I'm haunted by regrets and I can't find no peace
I'm haunted by debts and I can't find no peace
To bring love into this world, that's why we were born

I miss you
Your heart was warm


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