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Frontier Records
Founded 1980 (1980)
Founder Lisa Fancher
Status Active
Genre Punk rock, deathrock, alternative rock, indie rock
Country of origin United States
Location Los Angeles, California
Official website

Frontier Records is an independent record label, started in 1980 in Sun Valley, Los Angeles by Lisa Fancher,[1] a former employee of Bomp! Records, and writer of the liner notes for the first album by The Runaways.

Frontier Records first found success with the release of the Circle Jerks album Group Sex. The label went on to put out records by such bands as Suicidal Tendencies, American Music Club, Heatmiser, Redd Kross, Thin White Rope, T.S.O.L., Christian Death, and the Young Fresh Fellows, among others.

On November 7, 2010, Frontier Records hosted a party for their 30th anniversary at the Echoplex in Los Angeles which featured a reunion by seminal punk band Middle Class, their first performance in nearly 30 years. The Adolescents, Rikk Agnew, T.S.O.L., the Avengers, and the Flyboys also performed.

Albums released on Frontier Records

Cat. No. Artist Title Release date Notes
1001 Flyboys Flyboys March 1980
1002 Circle Jerks Group Sex October 1980
1003 Adolescents Adolescents May 1981 a.k.a. The Blue Album
1004 T.S.O.L. Dance with Me June 1981
1005 China White Danger Zone (EP) August? 1981
1006 Choir Invisible Choir Invisible November 1981
1007 Christian Death Only Theatre of Pain March 1982
1008 The Salvation Army The Salvation Army May 1982 Later reissued on Frontier 1049 as by Befour Three O'Clock
1009 Rikk Agnew All by Myself October 1982
1010 The Three O'Clock Baroque Hoedown October 1982
1011 Suicidal Tendencies Suicidal Tendencies July 1983
1012 The Three O'Clock Sixteen Tambourines October 1983
1013 The Long Ryders Native Sons October 1984
1014 The Pontiac Brothers Doll Hut October 1985 Later reissued as part of Frontier 1047
1015 Thin White Rope Exploring the Axis October 1985
1016 Naked Prey Under the Blue Marlin March 1986
1017 EIEIO Land of Opportunity May 1986
1018 Redd Kross Born Innocent August 1986
1019 The Pontiac Brothers Fiesta en la Biblioteca September 1986 Later reissued as part of Frontier 1047
1020 Thin White Rope Moonhead January 1987
1021 The Young Fresh Fellows The Men Who Loved Music 1987
1022 Flying Color Flying Color 1987
1023 American Music Club Engine 1987
1024 Naked Prey 40 Miles from Nowhere 1987
1025 EIEIO That Love Thing 1988
1026 The Pontiac Brothers Johnson 1988
1027 Thin White Rope In the Spanish Cave 1988
1028 The Young Fresh Fellows Totally Lost 1988
1029 Circle Jerks Wild in the Streets 1988
1030 Mallet-Head Mallet-Head 1988
1031 American Music Club California October 1988
1032 Dharma Bums Haywire Reissue. Originally issued on PopLlama
1033 The Damned Damned Damned Damned 1989 Reissue of band's 1977 debut, originally on Stiff Records.
1034 The Young Fresh Fellows This One's for the Ladies
1035 Thin White Rope Squatter's Rights
1039 (Various Artists) Dangerhouse, Volume 1 Compilation of tracks originally issued on Dangerhouse label
1040 Weirdos Weird World Volume 1
1041 The Young Fresh Fellows Electric Bird Digest
1042 Thin White Rope The Ruby Sea
1047 The Pontiac Brothers Doll House/Fiesta en la Bilbioteca Compilation of Frontier 1014 & 1019.
1048 Thin White Rope Sack Full of Silver Reissue. Initially issued on RCA Records.
1049 Befour Three O'Clock Happen Happened Reissue of Frontier 1008, with 9 bonus tracks
1050 (Various Artists) Compilation of tracks originally issued on Dangerhouse label
1051 Flop Flop & the Fall of the Mopsqueezer
1052 Thin White Rope The One That Got Away Live recording of band's final concert
1053 The Young Fresh Fellows It's Low Beat Time
1054 The Pontiac Brothers Fuzzy Little Piece of the World 1992
1055 Jacob's Mouse No Fish Shop Parking
1056 Thin White Rope The Axis Calls (DVD-R) Not a record album, but a concert DVD
1057 Heatmiser Dead Air
1058 Jacob's Mouse I'm Scared
1059 Flop Whenever You're Ready Reissue of Sony release. Picture disc only.
1060 The Affected A Fate Worse Than a Fate Worse Than Death
1061 The Blackeyed Susans All Souls Alive 1994
1062 Heatmiser Yellow No. 5
1063 Heatmiser Cop and Speeder
1064 Thin White Rope Spoor Compilation of outtakes, demos, b-sides, and rarities
1065 Sacrilicious When You Wish Upon a Dead Star
1066 Shame Idols I Got Time
1067 Flop World of Today
1068 Meanies 10% Weird 1995
1069 The Damned Music for Pleasure Reissue of band's second 1977 album, originally on Stiff Records.
1071 Shame Idols Rocket Cat Marc Webb's first video My Star
1073 The Damned Not the Captain's Birthday Party? April 1997 Reissue of live material, originally on Demon Records.
1074 Mummydogs Mummydogs
1075 Weirdos Weird World Volume 2
1076 Adolescents Complete Demos 1980-1986

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