From The Mind Of M. Applegate, Beautician

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"From The Mind of M. Applegate, Beautician"
Esopus #1 magazine cover
Song by Mark Eitzel from the album Esopus #1
Released 2003
Format CD + magazine
Label Esopus
Writer(s) Mark Eitzel
Producer(s) Mark Eitzel
Esopus #1 track listing
  1. "Hallelujah, I'm A Bum" - Wide Right
  2. "Moonshiner" - Haley Bonar
  3. "Sinking Ship" - The New Year
  4. "El Ya Sabia" - Tre/Molo
  5. "From The Mind Of M. Applegate, Beautician" - Mark Eitzel
  6. "Home On The Range" - Phosphorescent
  7. "Electro-Meringue-Clásico" - DJ Afro
  8. "House Of The Rising Sun" - Jet Set Six
  9. "Smashing Party" - Parker And Lily
  10. "Somebody" - Discar
  11. "Jeanie With The Light Brown Hair" - Pat Irwin
  12. "Beautiful Dreamer" - Dean Wareham

"From The Mind Of M. Applegate, Beautician" is an instrumental song from Mark Eitzel that appears as the 5th song on the Public Domain compilation, which accompanied the first issue of Esopus Magazine in the fall of 2003.

About the compilation, Esopus stated, "For our first invitational, we gave a group of musicians the following assignment: Create a song based—directly or in the most oblique way imaginable—on public domain material. Some of the participants chose to work from public-domain recorded music purchased for this project, while others contributed unique covers of older traditional tunes."[1]


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