Flowers & Ledges (song)

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"Flowers & Ledges"
Song by Philip Kane from the album Flowers & Ledges
Released 2016
Format CD
Length 6:44
Label Corrupt Records
Writer(s) Philip Kane
Producer(s) Philip Kane
Flowers & Ledges track listing
  1. "Flowers & Ledges"
  2. "Inner City Optimism"
  3. "Young Man & The Mountain"
  4. "May Your Fairy Turn Straight"
  5. "Resilience (Keep Keepin' On)"
  6. "Time's Arrow"
  7. "The Disappointment Of Judas"
  8. "Joan"

"Flowers & Ledges" is the title track from the 2016 album by Philip Kane. Mark Eitzel provides vocals for the song.