Demon Records

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Demon Records
Parent company Demon Music Group
Founded 1980
Founder Jake Riviera, Elvis Costello & Andrew Lauder
Country of origin United Kingdom
Official website

Demon Records is a new wave record label founded by Jake Riviera, Elvis Costello and Andrew Lauder in 1980. On July 6, 1998 Demon Records Ltd. - the company behind the label - was acquired by Crimson Productions Ltd., and the record label was merged with its Westside Records operation. The label now forms part of the Demon Music Group Ltd.

American Music Club on Demon

Grifter Records licensed California to Demon for release on LP and CD in the UK. Demon also released United Kingdom in partnership with Grifter Records. Demon also released a limited edition of United Kingdom that included California as bonus tracks.

Demon released Mark Eitzel's solo live album, Songs Of Love Live in 1991 on LP and CD.