Atwater Afternoon

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Atwater Afternoon
Studio album by American Music Club
Released 2008
Label Undertow Music
American Music Club chronology

The Golden Age
Atwater Afternoon
The Everclear Rehearsals Late 1990

Atwater Afternoon is a limited edition CD released by American Music Club and initially sold on the tour to promote their album The Golden Age. Half of it was a recording of the band rehearsing songs for the tour and the other half was studio recordings of new songs. The initial run of 300 copies came with either blank covers or covers featuring pictures drawn by the band members. Once these had sold out, it was repressed in an edition of 1500 and sold on Two of the original songs on the album were written by members of the band other than Mark Eitzel - neither of which have been released elsewhere. The name of the album relates to the area in Los Angeles, CA where the recording took place.

Track listing

  1. "City Lights" (Bill Anderson)
  2. "All My Love"
  3. "For The Good Times" (Kris Kristofferson)
  4. "I'm Your Puppet" (James & Bobby Purify)
  5. "Long Long Walk"
  6. "Little Joy" (Written and sung by Vudi)
  7. "One Step Ahead"
  8. "Who You Are"
  9. "All The Lost Souls Welcome You To San Francisco"
  10. "Insider's Guide To Life" (Written by Steve Didelot; Eitzel sings)
  11. "Hello Amsterdam"
  12. "Home"
  13. "Western Sky"


  1. Mark Eitzel - vocals, guitar
  2. Vudi - guitar
  3. Steve Didelot - bass
  4. Sean Hoffman - drums