Melody Maker - December 2, 1989

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Mark Eitzel
Publication: Melody Maker
Date: December 2, 1989

Photograph by Phil Nichols

Mark Eitzel of American Music Club reveals his stranger side to the Melody Maker quack.

"I spend too much time in planes looking out the window crying and praying. I love flying. I always get a window seat and I always stare out the window, at anything that's out there. It's beautiful, it's incredible. It's the closest we get to being something else. It's like a real symbol in culture, that you go up in the air, it's almost like dying. You leave things so far behind, so easily. It is almost the same thing."

"If you believe in reincarnation, then you know that suicide is really dumb, it really fucks you up. And if you believe in heaven and hell, then you know that suicide is wrong. And if you believe in nothing, then you're dead anyway. You can't really say what's gonna happen after you die but to me, suicide just seems like murder. I never think of murdering other people - it's like learning respect of the world and having some kind of humbleness towards the world. I think it's hard to commit suicide, but I don't think it's a good thing."

"Being convicted of a crime you didn’t commit, but you feel bad about it anyway. Or always living as if you were convicted of a crime you never committed. Which I do – the Catholic man. I have a bald spot so I feel guilty. Sorry. Oops, I fucked up."

"My mother was born in the South of France, spent the war there and my father was from Colorado. He was a marine engineer. They’re dead and they hated what I did. Up until the time they died they didn’t even want to talk about it. They were ashamed that I played music because they wanted me to do a real occupation. They thought that it was too risky to play music. They weren’t old-fashioned. I mean, it’s stupid to play rock music."

"I could do other stuff. I tried writing plays, but the best I ever wrote was something that sounded like Peyton Place. And I tried drawing, but everything looked like bad Picasso, spelt with an ASS in capital letters. All I could do was write songs, all I ever wanted to do. I love writing songs."

"I hate coke. I’m really anti that kind of drug. Any hallucinogen seems fine, but even those are kinda scary especially when people just do them at a party. That’s really weird. Or do acid and go out to a rock club. I’m sorry, that seems really stupid to me. It’s like, don’t do it. Stay at home, take a bath, burn some candles. Pretend that you’re a guru or something."

"Mushrooms. So good for you. So delicious. Fresh mushrooms. Chop them up. Chop up red peppers and green peppers and onions. And garlic, fresh garlic. Fry ‘em in a pan with fresh butter, not old rancid butter. And then put ‘em in another pan, see – that’s why it’s gourmet. And you put a lid on. And you keep cooking it so that the natural juices, all sort of like, you know, the natural juices come out. And then, here’s what nobody knows, this is my secret thing, you add a packet of brown gravy mix! And pepper. And it’s delicious. It’s real good. It’s my gourmet meal. Then you serve it in tortilla shells. And sour cream is optional."

"In 'Heaven Of Your Hands', I’m singing about listening to the radio at 4am, and there’s that one famous song that goes, 'I’ve grown accustomed to your face'. That’s what that really is all about, and the woman has a silvery voice. She sings it so deadpan, it’s so cool. It’s horrifying. It’s like, love will never be here, it’s that film noir thing, life is an empty hotel room. I just like that stuff, gives me a kick."

"The last one I had was good. I kept calling this person to get information about my new credit card. I’ve never had a credit card, I don’t have one now. I kept calling this girl to get information, and then I met her in person, and she said, 'You know, most of the people who call for information are complete retards. They’re losers, they’re like nothing.' And I woke up thinking, I couldn’t tell her. I couldn’t tell her the truth."

"Well, you know, I like all kinds of shoes. Pretty much what I wear are black high-tops, very comfortable. I have problems with my arches, and I find them very comfortable. And I wear any kind of socks, usually white tube. I wash my socks seldom, we could say. But I wear Eater-Odors. Odor-Eaters. Yes, they do get stiff. But I’ve got about 100 pairs; someone was throwing all their socks out and I got ‘em. I’m sorry, that was stupid about the shoes."