MTV - November 12, 1995

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The End Of AMC Brings Brilliant Album From Leader Eitzel
Author: MTV News Staff
Date: November 12, 1995

Addicted To Noise editor Michael Goldberg writes: Former American Music Club leader/songwriter Mark Eitzel has completed a solo album, 60 Watt Silver Lining and it is, quite simply, an amazing work. AMC broke earlier this year, following problems between Eitzel and some members of the group that had first come to light when Eitzel spoke to me over a year ago. At that time, Eitzel had complained that the other members of AMC were no longer going to let him play guitar on stage. He had also spoken bitterly about battles in the studio during the making of San Francisco, the group's last album. 60 Watt Silver Lining will be released Feb. 6. Accompanying Eitzel are two former members of AMC--bassist Danny Pierson (sic) and pianist/pedal steel guitarist Bruce Kaplan (sic)--plus drummer Simone White and, on trumpet, Mark Isham. Eitzel's songwriting is introspective and dark, as usual; the music, for the most part, is in the low-keyed ballad mode that marked some of AMC's best work. Songs include: "Sacred Heart," "Mission Rock" (that's a San Francisco waterfront bar), "Some Bartenders" and "Everything Is Beautiful". Eitzel is currently on tour, opening for Everything But the Girl. He played San Francisco night before last (Nov. 10). Tonight Eitzel plays the Spreckles Theater in San Diego. If you want to see one of the great songwriters of our time, I'd suggest you catch the show.