A Tall Black Lady

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"A Tall Black Lady"
Mean Mark Eitzel Gets Fat cover
Song by Mark Eitzel from the album Mean Mark Eitzel Gets Fat
Released 1982
Format CS
Label Self-released
Writer(s) Mark Eitzel
Mean Mark Eitzel Gets Fat track listing
  1. "Swinglow"
  2. "You Can Be Beautiful"
  3. "Hold On To Your Love"
  4. "I Speak French"
  5. "A Tall Black Lady"
  6. "Keep This Dance For Me"
  7. "Shadow Of My Name"

"A Tall Black Lady" is the 5th song on Mark Eitzel's debut album, 1982’s Mean Mark Eitzel Gets Fat.


A tall black lady with braids is dancing
She moves up to the front of the subway
She's dancing to how the train is moving

Fast in the dark underneath the city
in all the dark tunnels in the city
I'll bet you didn't know this was easy

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