1991 Mark Has Left The Building

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1991 Mark Has Left The Building
Live album by Toiling Midgets
Released January 9, 2015
Label Toiling Midgets Media
Toiling Midgets chronology

Live At The Old Waldorf, July 21, 1982
1991 Mark Has Left The Building
A Smaller Tape

1991 Mark Has Left The Building is a 1991 live album from Toiling Midgets, released in 2015. The album contains 10 live songs from a Toiling Midgets show on December 15, 1991 at iBeam in San Francisco, California. It was supposed to be the last show Mark Eitzel sang with the band, appearing on 4 songs on the album: "Faux Pony", "Little Charlene", "Mr. Foster's Shoes", and "Golden Frog." However, Eitzel appeared at a 1992 concert and sang with the band for half of their set.

Track listing

  1. "Faux Pony"
  2. "Wolf Blitzer"
  3. "Slaughter On Sumner"
  4. "Rock And Roll"
  5. "Little Charlene"
  6. "Mr. Foster's Shoes"
  7. "Golden Frog"
  8. "Opus"
  9. "Screen"
  10. "Fathom"
  11. "Do The Incendiary"
  12. "All The Girls Cry"
  13. "Mr. Spine"